Oliver, the ever-present faithful farm dog monitors farm activity from his post – a large round hay bale.

Patty Lange Reding is the fifth generation and her four sons the sixth on the Lange family farm located in Decatur County, southeast Indiana. The farm maintains diversified enterprises including a small cow/calf herd of Angus crossbreds which provide for direct sales of grass-fed and traditional corn fed beef. Crops raised include traditional grains and hay, plus food-grade products like certified organic popcorn, small red beans, wheat, and spelt. The farm also maintains a certified organic grain cleaning facility.

Patty manages the daily farm operations with the able assistance of a couple friends who help with field operations, the grain cleaning, and some of the livestock chores. Promoting the benefits of local food and the sustainability of family farms is her passion which she exercises each weekend spring through fall as Market Master at the Batesville Farmers Market and through various other agricultural venues and community organizations. Patty believes the general public needs to reconnect with farmers and hear their story from the experts, that being the farmers themselves.

Agriculture and family farms provide stability and an economic boost to our communities. And of course there are all those flavorful, nutritious homegrown food products that are available for you to eat and enjoy too!

Some of the LF cattle enjoying the hay buffet in the snow Langeland is a cow/calf operation: the beef products we sell are raised entirely at our own farm. The hay our cattle eat comes from our own certified organic pasture. Here the cows are enjoying the winter sunshine.

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